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Welcome to, Kentucky's very own statewide restaurant review web site. Here you will find restaurants from every region of the state, grouped by geographical location and food type. We appreciate the 41,353 patrons per month who frequent this site and those who visit our Facebook page. But we especially appreciate the 210 Lexington restaurants and 527 Kentucky restaurants who provide us with our rich blend of different foods. mexican market
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Lexeat is a Lexington based website. We do our own photos and reviews. It's a common scam on national sites for restaurant owners to offer employees bonuses to post positive reviews of their own places and negative reviews of their rivals. You thus do not know who to believe. We avoid this by doing all our own reviews and taking all our own photographs.

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All food critics have their own biases. We'll tell you ours up front so you can read the reviews with understanding. We don't like fried foods (they're not healthy and destroy the flavor). We do like fresh, locally sourced ingredients. We don't like national chains; we prefer locally owned, family run restaurants. We appreciate a good Soup and Salad. We like Authentic and dislike the idea of distorting nationality food to conform to American tastes (for example, village Mexican is better than TexMex). We dislike unnecessary salt, spices or heat because they cover up the natural taste of the food. We like original ideas and experimentation, even when they fail. We always enjoy Native American, Black American and regional cuisines. italian
Dan Wu, Atomic Ramen
Taste of India
Bear & Butcher
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