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The Fayette Mall Area extends from New Circle Road southward to slightly beyond Man o' War Boulevard. All but three of the restaurants are on the West side of Nicholasville Road. It wraps around Courtesy Acura Complex, a sprawling series of buildings used for display, sales, and servicing of the luxury car line (see above photo). The western boundary of this area is the heavily used Norfolk & Southern Railroad right of way. Approximately one train every 30 minutes cruises this route between Cincinnati and Atlanta. The Fayette Mall Area includes 23 restaurants and a high percentage of them are very good. At all of these restaurants, you'll need reservations on Friday and Saturday nights. Without them, you should arrive before 6 pm. Because 37 counties from here to Virginia and West Virginia shop at Fayette Mall, the traffic and parking are a problem all weekend six weeks before Christmas. Sadly, Petra, the great Middle Eastern restaurant, has closed.

Norfolk & Southern
Agave & Rye is a drinks and Taco place. They don't offer much else, but if you like Tacos this is the place to come, and their mixed drinks are very good, too. The chain began in 2018 and now has locations in Cincinnati, Louisville and Lexington. They stock 87 Bourbons and 87 Tequilas, including the Woodford Reserve Double Oak that most Kentuckians love, and offer 20 specialty double-shell (crunchy corn and soft flour) tacos, including the Swipe Right Honey, with lime-grilled chicken, sweet/spicy bacon, aged white cheddar, salsa and sour cream; the Cat’s Meow White Cheddar, with grits, Andouille sausage, bourbon shrimp, green onion, jambalaya sauce and crispy bell pepper; the Crown Jewel, with butter poached lobster, shiitake mushrooms, mac ‘n’ cheese, truffle oil and shavings and green onions; and The Big Thumper, with peppercorn kangaroo meat, sticky rice, spicy chili and barbecue jam, fried egg and crispy carrots. Sides include Egg Rolls, Sweet Corn Fritters, Mac n Cheese and Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans. There are four Salsas and two Quesos, all made right here. This is not a dinner restaurant, but it makes a great lunch or shopping stop.
Bella Notte can be considered a Special Occasion restaurant. It is very upscale, very classy, and the closest thing Lexington has to the kind of Italian restaurant you can find in Boston or New York City. The title means "Beautiful Evening" in Italy and that's pretty accurate. You can be seated near the large fireplace, a nice touch on cold Winter nights, under the spreading tree with all its lights, or by one of the oversized windows. It's a beautiful facility. Your meal begins with a loaf of bread and saucer of Olive Oil to dip it in. Of nine appetizers, we like the Antipasto, a mix of Genoa salami, wood fired prosciutto di parma wrapped asparagus, marinated olives, cherry peppers and roasted red pepper coulis. This is one of Lexington's 10 best appetizers at any restaurant. A salad of arugula, poached figs, prosciutto, goat cheese, spice walnuts and lemon vinaigrette certainly sets up the taste buds for the main course, but we always like to add a cup of their Zuppa Di Giorno. The six page menu is full of delights, but our favorites are the Rigatoni Romano (stuffed sausages), Ravioli in three different sauces, and Salmon Oreganoto. The kids can get four kinds of brick oven fired pizza. Save room for dessert, of which our favorite is the Dolce de Latte, a vanilla infused creme caramel flan. Nicholasville Road. Pass Fayette Mall, turn right at the car dealerships, then left. Bella Notte
Restaurants frequently start small and expand, but B.J. Brewhouse has taken this model to its extreme. They began in 1978 as a California pizza outlet. BJ's original gimmick was a thick deep dish Pizza baked in a cast iron skillet. They still consider this their signature item, but their Pizza menu now includes 21 versions. And that's only one page of a seven page menu. BJ's has become famous for its craft beers. They operate their own breweries in five states and won awards for some of their beers and ciders. But BJ's has also developed one of the most comprehensive menus in town. Appetizers include Egg Rolls, Flatbread, Artichokes, Fried Brussell Sprouts, Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms, Wings and Pot Stickers. There are six Soups, including a great Tuscan Tomato Bisque, Piranha Pale Ale Chili and Bread Soup ( in a sourdough bowl; you eat the soup, then take knife and fork, cut up the bowl, and eat the soup soaked pieces). They offer eight creative Salads : Seared Ahi, Kale & Roast Brussell Sprouts, Chopped Asian. Santa Fe, Chicken Cobb, BBQ Chicken, Honey Crisp Chicken and Caesar. There are two Peruvian Quinoa Bowls : Roast Salmon and Chicken & Spinach. Entrees include Salmon, Chicken, Shrimp, Bison and Turkey. Ribs, Steaks, Jambalaya, Pastas, Ziti and Ravioli. If you just want beer and a bite, you can get Burgers and Wraps.

BurgerFi, located across the parking lot from Cinemark Theaters, is the health food burger outlet. BurgerFi uses certified American Black Angus beef from ranches that raise cattle never exposed to antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones or additives. BurgerFi opened its first location in 2011 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and now has over 100 nationwide.

The chain is also committed to ecofriendly buildings. It uses chairs made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles, tables created from more than 700,000 recycled milk jugs, wood-panel walls designed from No. 2 Southern Pine Lumber—renowned for its renewable nature, ten-foot fans that consume 66 percent less energy and counter tops made from 100 percent compressed recycled paper.  The facilities are pretty sleek, with a kind of coffeehouse or bar atmosphere.

The menu is a burger lover's fantasy. BurgerFi puts two patties of their antibiotic, steroid, hormone and additive free Black Angus beef on each one, although you can request only one pattie. The Classic Burger and Cheese Burger are stuffed with organically grown Lettuce and Tomato. Then there's the SWAGBurger, made with Japanese Wagyu Brisket, charred jalapenos, candied bacon, sweet tomato relish, habanero pepper jack cheese, and steak sauce.Their famous Beyond Burger contains a veggie pattie with fresh lentils, raw vegetables, caramelized onions and fresh herbs and quinoa, plus the usual lettuce and tomato. You could try their All Natural Chicken Sandwich, their Wagyu Beef Hot Dog, or their Double Beer Battered Onion Rings.

It's one of the few burger chains offering wines and craft beers. It also offers the Beyond Burger, an upscale veggie burger with zero cholesterol.
Cajun Oasis is a Louisiana fast food counter in the Fayette Mall Food Court. The menu is very abbreviated but what they do offer is good. They have trays of Chicken, Steak and Shrimp. You can have two meats and two sides for $7, or three meats and two sides for $8. Sides include Egg Rolls, Cream Cheese Ragoon and Fried Rice Noodles. Beverages include standard Pepsi products. z
The Cheesecake Factory is famous for its Cheesecake and other desserts, but it doesn't get credit for the good job it does with the rest of the menu. It starts with the Appetizers : Egg Rolls, Pot Stickers, Garlic Cheese Bread, Corn Tamale Cakes, Crab Wontons, Zucchini Fries, Flatbreads and a Soup of the Day. Nine Salads include Chicken & Avocado, Luau, Tuna Tataki and Santa Fe. There are 15 Pasta dishes, of which our favorites are Tomato Basil, Shrimp & Sausage, Chicken & Roast Garlic and Jambalaya. Entrees feature the usual Steaks, Chops and Shrimp, but Cheesecake chefs have mastered Catfish, Salmon and Gumbo and we highly recommend those. Then there are the House Specials, which are outstanding. They include Shepherds Pie, Meat Loaf, Chicken Marsala, El Grande Burro, Eggplant Parmesan and White Chili. Taco lovers race about the Baja Chicken, Fish, Grilled Steak, and Stuffed Chicken Tacos, plus Chicken Enchiladas and El Grande Burro. Milkshakes are excellent, as are the various Lattes, Cappucinos, Mochas and Espressos. Ylou can order Gourmet Hot or Iced Teas. On weekend nights we urge you to eat early, preferably 5:00 - 6:00, as waits from 7:00 - 9:00 can be two hours. Lunch here is also good, and they offer a Brunch on Sundays. If you go, we highly recommend their Huevos Rancheros and Chorizo Avocado Omelette.
Chili's Chili's is tucked into the corner at the Nicholasville Road - Man o' War intersection. The appetizers are mostly fried but we really like the Southwestern Egg Rolls (six flour tortillas filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeno, Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach, served with avocado ranch dressing), and there's a hot spinach artichoke dip served in a hot cast iron skillet with fresh warm tostado chips). One of Chile's claims to fame is its Chicken Green Chile Soup (rice, green chiles, lime, avocado, cilantro, and tomatoes), but there's also the Chicken Enchilada Soup and a very good Terlingua Chile (slow cooked with beef, onions, chiles and cheese). Eight salads include the Caribbean (pineapple, mandarin oranges, cherries, green onions, cilantro, grilled chicken or shrimp, and honey lime dressing) and Quesadilla Explosion (grilled chicken, cheese, corn relish, tortilla strips, cheese and citrus balsamic dressing). Chile's other claim to fame is its 11-entree Grill Menu : Chicken or Beef Fajitas, Buffalo Chicken Fajitas, Steak/chicken/garlic/lime/shrimp Fajitas, Southwestern Quesadillas, Salmon, Monterey Chicken, Margarita Chicken, Cajun Pasta, Classic Sirloin, and Flamed Ribeye. The menu includes very traditional sandwich, burger, taco, dessert and beverage pages.The entrances to Chili's are a block back from the intersection along either Nicholasville Road or Man o' War.
China Buffet is just what its name implies : one of those old fashioned classic buffets with over 100 choices laid out and unlimited return trips. We should admit up front we are not huge fans of buffets; perhaps we spent too many years as students and teachers eating in cafeterias. That said, this is the best Chinese buffet in Central Kentucky. There are two major standards for buffets : freshness and variety. They do a good job of stocking fresh food and they offer a wider variety than the other buffets. The range of beef, pork, chicken and seafood is impressive. Their Crab Rangoon is the best of any buffet we've tried. We think their egg rolls are disappointing, but the Mongolian BBQ is good. There's a habachi grill at dinner. They do serve Sushi, but we're a little skeptical of any Sushi unless we watch them make it right in front of us and hand it to us. They'll do a custom stir fry for you and it's very good. There is a good selection of desserts but they're not made in house. China Buffet is located in the Crossroads Mall, on the EAST side of Nicholasville Road, ACROSS the road from Fayette Mall. China Buffet
Chipotle bills itself as "fast casual" Mexican food. It was originally a McDonalds brand but has since been spun off into its own company. Chipotle's menu consists of five items: burritos, fajita burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and salads, with a choice of chicken, pork carnitas, barbacoa, steak, or vegetarian (with guacamole). The price of the items is based on the type of meat chosen. Additional toppings include rice, beans, four types of salsa, sour cream, cheese, or lettuce. Chipotle keeps the menu brief, because in the idea that just doing a few things means they can do them better. Chipotle sells beer and margaritas in addition to soft drinks and fruit drinks. Quesadillas are made on request, though they are not listed on the menu. Chipotle has a modern, industrial, stainless steel and sheet metal and glass look. There's a patio, as shown at left, and lots of big windows you can look out of while eating inside. The Black Bean Burrito is their best item.

Chuy's doesn't claim to be Mexican. It's 1950s Arizona and New Mexico : formica, pastel colors, black and white floor tiles and auto art. A 1956 Pontiac trunk offers fresh Salsas, thin crisp Nachos, and smooth and creamy Refried Beans. You get six sauces of varying heat. We find the Tomatillo Sauce delightful even though it's very mild. We love the Tortilla Soup (chicken broth, roast chicken, avocado, green chiles, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro and thin tortilla strips). It has a very clean and fresh taste. For Rellenos they use Anaheim (New Mexican Magdalena) peppers rather than Marconi or Poblanos used by their rivals. Anaheims are milder and sweeter with thinner walls and make fine Rellenos. Chuy's offers cheese, ground sirloin, chicken or shrimp for filling. The Special Enchilada (blue corn tortilla stacked with roast chicken, cheese, tomatillo sauce and sour cream) is a favorite among regulars. Fajitas are served cut but not separated so you basically get chicken breast and small sirloin semiwhole on a bed of onions and serrano peppers. The meats have been marinated all night in beer, lime juice and spices. Lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, rice and refried beans come as sides so you can stuff the tortillas with them or use them to garnish the fajitas. Chuy's offers huge Burritos and very good Margaritas. Their Texas Martini is worth ordering just to taste the jalapeno stuffed olives. Quirky and creative, Chuy's has a devoted following.

Culver's is a 21st Century version of Shoney's. They don't offer the full entrees Shoney's did, but their Soups and Salads are outstanding. Their specialties are their various Ice Creams and Milkshakes, but their burgers are among the best in town. The Chicken and Seafood Sandwiches are great, too, as long as you like everything fried. Culver's offers delicious Cod, Walleye and Shrimp dinners, also fried. The Onion Rings and Fries are good, too. Culver's is behind Fayette Mall, under the railroad trestle, turn right then left.
First Watch made their reputation with breakfasts and they do a great job. The menu is heavy with fresh fruits and vegetables and in house breads. They offer 10 Omelets, served with potatoes and English muffins. They brag about their Bacado, a bacon - avocado - cheese mix topped with sour cream and salsa. But we think their best are their Acapulco, which includes Chorizo, sausage, green chiles, avocado, onions, cheddar and monterey jack cheese; Greek, with roast red peppers, spinach, onions, feta and black olives; and Swiss, with ham, roast mushrooms, onions, herbs and Swiss cheese. There are five Skillet Hashes, cast iron skillets with varying ingredients. They promote the Parma Hash, two eggs any style over potatoes, sausage, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, Parmesan, mozzarella and herbs. But the Farmhouse places those eggs and potatoes over chicken, zucchini, onions, red peppers, cheddar, and a pesto hollandaise. The Hashes are probably the healthiest entrees on the breakfast menu. As you would expect, First Wach offers Pancakes, Belgian Waffles, French Toast, Crepes, Frittatas, and eggs fixed every way imaginable : Eggs Benedict, Scrambled, Creped, etc. The Pancakes are outstanding. First Watch proudly points out that it does not use deep fryers or heat lamps, but makes everything fresh, heart healthy and on order. For lunch you can choose from six Salads and 13 Sandwiches, but they're just average. This location is across Reynolds Road from Fayette Mall.
Giuseppi's For Giuseppe's, drive out Nicholasville Road past Man O War Blvd, get in the left hand lane, and look for the restaurant's sign pointing down an obscure country road. This is a difficult left turn to make, across two lanes of oncoming traffic. Giuseppi's is a block down on the right. The interior is dark and intimate. The Pasta Fagioli (white bean soup with tomato, basil and garlic) is always a good appetizer, although many rave about the Portabello Bresciole (grilled mushrooms and mozzarella wrapped in ham and topped with balsamic vinegar glaze). We like the Melanzane (Eggplant) Parmigiana here. It's lightly breaded and fried, topped with mozzarella, baked, and served over spaghetti. The Grilled Sea Scallops (over a bed of cappellini with roast red peppers and peas) are very good. If you're into Italian seafood, the must try item is the Spaghetti Alla Vongole, a concoction of diced clams, capers, olives and little neck clams, sauteed with olive oil, garlic and clam stock, tossed with spaghetti. There are six steak entrees, five additional seafood entrees, and the usual menu of chicken, veal and pasta dishes.
Logan's is a classic Texas roadhouse, featuring flame grilled steaks with other menu items for those watching their cholesterol. Logan's revels in a redneck male atmosphere, so good old boys can get back to their roots here. The steaks are USDA but are midwest corn fed, rather than high country grass fed or feedlot chemical fed. The house specialty is an 8 oz. sirloin laid atop a bed of Michelob braised onions and brushed with garlic butter. Then there's a straight 6 or 8 oz. sirloin, 8 oz. teriyaki club steak, 12 oz. New york Strip, 6 or 8 oz. Filet Mignon, 12 or 16 oz. Ribeye, 16 oz. T bone, 20 oz. Porterhouse, and 12 or 16 oz. Prime Rib. A block from Courtesy Acura, two blocks in from Nicholasville Road. Logan's
Hacienda Mi Pequena Hacienda is the closest thing to an authentic Mexican village or neighborhood restaurant Lexington has. All its rivals are in shopping centers or business zones. Hacienda is in a residential area, and has become a hangout for locals. While you're eating, familiars will greet each other and the staff at the bar or as they are seated at tables. There is a real feeling of camaraderie here. However, that wouldn't be true if the food hadn't brought them back enough times. The Chile Pablanos, their interpretation of Rellenos, use the much larger Pablano peppers. They don't use the sauces of their rivals but they can fit a lot more filling in. They're definitely worth ordering. But Hacienda takes great pride in its Grilled Tilapia Fillets, Seafood Burrito, Fish Taco, Cactus Jack Quesadilla, and Tequila Baby Back Ribs. The El Grande Burro is Huge !! One block east of Nicholasville Road on East Reynolds Road.

Moe's Southwest Grill maintains two locations in Fayette Mall : one counter in the Food Court, and one full restaurant across the parking lot from the Cinemark Theater. Moe's was a highly popular chain with its own cult following, but then in 2018 it switched from white chicken meat to a dark meat which hundreds of thousands of customers deemed not nearly as good. They quit coming and Moe's has struggled since. The customers still coming just avoid the chicken but swear by the chips, salsas, queso and guacamole. The famous Queso, Moe's signature item, contains three cheeses and diced jalapenos. The equally famous Quesadillas contain the despised chicken, so have gone from being a huge favorite to being avoided. The Bowls, Tacos and other entrees can be ordered with Steak, Beef or Pork, so remain popular.

Outback is at heart a steakhouse, but offers a surprisingly diverse menu. A Bloomin Onion is a must. They're cooked until golden, then served with dipping sauce. Several of the Soups of the Day are really unique. But the steaks are the show. They include a Slow Roasted Sirloin, 12 oz. center cut Outback Special, 9 oz. Victoria Center Cut Filet, 8, 12 or 16 oz. Prime Rib, 14 oz. Ribeye, 12 oz. New york Strip, 20 oz. Melbourne Porterhouse, and Filet Medallions. Then there are Salmon, Crab Cakes, Rack of Lamb, Grilled Pork Chops, Lobster Tails, Alaskan King Crab, Baby Back Ribs, various burgers, and an obscene dessert called the Sydney Sunday. The Outback empire was founded by a UK graduate. This one is built into the front corner of Fayette Mall.
Palmer's is the closest Lexington comes to a waterfront restaurant. Yes, it's only a large pond with a spectacular fountain in the middle and ducks and geese swimming around, but on a hot humid Summer evening, it's pretty classy. So is the menu. Among the appetizers, Bacon Wrapped Scalllops, Sweet Onion Hush Puppies, Chipotle Egg Rolls, and Smoked Meatloaf Minis all have cult followings, but we like the Tabasco Infused Onion Rings. Corn Clam Chowder is one of the city's best soups and there are six really good Salads. This is not advertised as a seafood restaurant, but their 12 seafood entrees are outstanding. We particularly like the Scallops, Tilapia, two kinds of Trout and Shrimp & Grits. Of the other entrees, the Pork Tenderloin Piccata, Steakhouse Meatloaf, Bone In Porkchop, Champagne Chicken and Chicken Piccata are the best but there are two good steaks and six other items. Smoked Gouda Mac n Cheese and Sweet Potato Fries are excellent sides. There are Beer Battered Cod, Cornmeal Crusted Catfish and Blackened Tilapia Sandwiches. The wine list is 95% California and French but is very good. palmer's
p.f.chang's P. F. Chang's has become the face of Chinese food in Lexington due to its location at the entrance to Fayette Mall. It is by far the largest Oriental restaurant in town. Ironically, its menu is not as large as some of its rivals, who almost bury diners in excess with over 100 items. But Chang's has everything you could possibly want and the quality is outstanding. The Hot and Sour Soup will wake up your taste buds. Of their sides, we're particularly fond of the Shanghai Cucumbers. We think their Lemon Scallops or Oolong Sea Bass (the fish is steeped in Oolong tea, broiled and served with ginger, soy and spinach) are the equal of any entrees offered by the best Lexington seafood restaurants. There are 14 chicken dishes which can hard to select from, but we recommend the Eggplant Chicken (stir fried with scallions in chili pepper sauce), or the old standard Moo Goo Gai Pan (chicken, shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables). People do not generally go to a Chinese restaurant for steak, but Chang's does a great job with their Asian Marinated 12 oz. New York Strip. They offer chicken or beef which gives the meat a delicate citrusy taste. For dessert they bring you an array from which to choose. For couples, there's an interesting menu of $40 all inclusive dinners for two. The menu contains one whole page of gluten free appetizers, soups, entrees, sides and desserts.
Pie Five joins Lexington's crowded Pizza market. It's right next to Dillard's, so you can stop there for a break while shopping or hanging out in the Mall. They offer 10 signature pizzas, or you can design and build your own. Our favorites among the standard pizzas are their Margherita, Pesto Chicken Alfredo and Athenian. If you choose to design and build your own, you can decide on your crust, sauce, cheese, meats and veggies. Pie Five is quite proud of their three kinds of Bread Stix : Garlic Butter, Cheese, and Bacon Cheese. There are four full Salads and three side Salads. Any pizza is $7.50, or you can add a drink and either Brfead Stix, Salad or Dessert for $11. You can sit at one of the inside tables, out on the covered courtyard, or just wander off down the Mall with your pizza.
Rooster's We never know what to make of Roosters. Is it a restaurant? Sports bar? Fast food outlet? Everyone agrees these are the best Wings in town. You can order them fixed various ways with various sauces (garlic, chipotle, sweet Thai, BBQ, Teriyaki, etc.). The Dumpster Fries come topped with melted cheeses, bacon bits, diced onion and tomato and jalapeno, and your choice of dressing (Ranch, Thousand Island, Sour Cream, Horseradish). They offer 11 salads. The Red, Bacon and Blue features bacon bits, bleu cheese crumbles, mixed lettuces, tomatoes, red onions and their Red Dressing. There's Clam Chowder, Roosters Cheddar & Onion Chili and a Soup of the Day. They make pretty decent Chicken Fingers, especially if you add one of their many sauces. Roosters does offer Pizzas, Burgers and Sandwiches, but those are their weakest items. We really like their Burritos, and their 10 Oven Baked Subs are outstanding. Beer, Wine and Mixed Drinks. Along Man o' War next to the BP Gas Station.

Sarkura was founded in 1988 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by Marc Ha, who was at the time also working as a technician at the Dahlgren Navy Base. He has expanded to 20 locations nationwide.

The Kobe Beef Roll and General Tso's Chicken are Sarkura's signature items but their Hibachi meals, Teriyaki meals, Sushi, Sesame Chicken Special, Sweet and Sour Chicken Special, Hibachi Vegetables and Egg Rolls are also very good.

This is not the kind of Japanese restaurant where a chef comes to your table and prepares your meal in front of you with great flourish and drama. It is a more traditional restaurant where the waitress merely brings your meal from the kitchen.

Sarku is a Japanese fast food counter in the Fayette Mall Food Court. Food is limited to Japanese teriyaki-type dishes: chicken, beef, shrimp, or any combo. Their teriyaki is delicious. Portions are generous, in fact are so generous you should ask them to cut back on the rice. The chicken is extremely tender and sweet. This is a lunch or mid afternoon shopping stop.
Saul Goode's Saul Good's features a very upscale menu of two soups, six appetizers, six salads, nine exotic pizzas, four sandwiches, four burgers and nine desserts. Each of them is unique in some way. The French Onion Soup, for example, is made with red, yellow, and green onions, shallots, melted Swiss cheese and sherry. The Beer Cheese Dip is made with aged Cheddar, amber beer, garlic and Worcestershire served with celery, cucumbers, pita chips and crackers. There's also the Steak and Beer Cheese Nachos, a platter of crisp blue corn tortilla chips, marinated steak, tangy beer cheese, five different white cheeses, jalapenos, cilantro, scallions, lime and a sea salt topping. It's an amusement park for pizza lovers. There's the Saul Cheese Pizza (Arrabiata tomato sauce plus five cheeses), Kentucky Hot Brown Pizza, Parisian Pizza, Thai Pizza, Mexican Pizza, Argentinian Steak Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Saul Meat Pizza. Saul's does interesting things with sandwiches. For instance, the Szechwan Steak Sandwich includes marinated grilled steak, spicy shallot soy mirin glaze, sesame ginger dressed spinach on a toasted artisan hoagie. A Saul burger starts with a third pound beef patty with your choice of Cheese and Bacon, Blue Cheese, Hawaiian or Texas style. Or you can substitute a chicken breast for the beef patty but keep the flavoring. The desserts are another fireworks display. There's the Bananas Foster Waffle and Waffle Sundae but the main track is a very decadent chocolate page. It offers Chocolate Pizza, Chocolate Popcorn, Chocolate Beer Float, Kahula Cupcake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, Chocolate Fondue, and White Chocolate Cheesecake. There are specials directed at the dinnertime fans : Grilled Salmon, Wild Turkey Top Sirloin and Chicken Waffles. There's also a Saul's Big Breakfast with eggs, maple pepper bacon, potatoes and a Belgian waffle. After the lunchtime crowd disperses, there's a 3-7:00 Afternoon Delite with a rotating series of daily specials at half price. Across from the Cineplex, two blocks back from Nicholasville Road.
Schlotzky's Deli is on West Tiverton, one block in from Nicholasville Road. This is a gourmet Sandwich restaurant which also serves Soups, Wraps and Flatbreads. Their breads are a bit different, and they have their own legion of loyal fans who adore the Sourdough. In Lexington, their most popular items are the Roast Turkey Breast, Angus Roast Beef & Cheese, and Fiesta Chicken. We also like the Angus Pastrami & Swiss, Corned Beef Reuben, and Beef & Provolone. The Flatbreads are interesting and well worth trying. There are the Chicken Avocado, Chicken Chipotle Pesto, Italian Sausage and Basil, and Margherita. There are 10 Salads, of which we particularly like the Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken, and the Turkey Avocado Cobb. Schlotzky's serves nine Soups. We highly recommend the Chicken Tortilla, Chicken & Wild Rice, and Tomato Basil. There are the usual Desserts (cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookie, etc.), and then there is a whole line of Cinnabon, which is a glazed muffin in a dozen varieties. They do serve Iced Tea and Lemonade, along with Coffee and soft drinks. There's a line of Pizzas, but that's not why you're here. If you want Pizza, others do it much better.
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