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The Chevy Chase neighborhood is Lexington's version of Pittsburgh's Carson Street, San Antonio's River Walk or Baltimore's Inner Harbor. This two block business district plus three outlying streets in the midst of the city's most elite residential neighborhood contains 15 restaurants plus wine outlets, ethnic groceries, coffee houses, ice cream counters, eccentric boutiques, leather shops, a cyclery, a greenhouse - nursery, and other upscale establishments. Chevy Chase offers a mix of French, Cajun, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, 60s, Contemporary, Mediterranean, BBQ, Seafood, Classic, and even gourmet ice cream. You also have a choice of white table cloth, sidewalk cafe, roofed patio, 50s style booths, wrought iron tables, decks, red and white checked country and dark wood. Formal, informal or somewhere in the middle, you can find a place to fit your mood along Euclid, South Ashland, East Main or East High. There's also a choice of price ranges. A few Chevy Chase spots are quite pricey, but others are medium to low in cost. Most of these restaurants run Happy Hours from 4 - 7 pm. Especially on Fridays, you might want to keep this in mind as you plan your dinner hour. Professionals from downtown, students and faculty from nearby UK, and area residents fill up the patios and sidewalks. Chevy Chase also fills up after home UK football games, being a one mile walk from the stadium. From downtown, drive out East High Street. There is parking on the street and in two lots.
Buddy's replaced the old Saratoga as the local hangout for adults living in the Henry Clay section of town. Mostly that's because of the great menu. This is 21st Century New South. It starts with appetizers : Fried Pickles, Potato Ribbons With Garlic Dip, and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. The new menu separates entrees by price. Traditional Hot Brown surfaces here as Buddy Brown, which includes sourdough and mornay sauce. Rather than a thick slice off the larger one, they fix your very own compact Meatloaf, which does tend to concentrate the flavor. We've liked the Salmon Croquettes each time we've ordered them, but the real star of the seafood show is the Scallops, which they grille with prosciutto, basil pesto and tomato caper concasse. There is, however, Salmon and Tuna, which they prepare very well either grilled or seared. If you're in the mood for steak, they offer Stuffed Sirloin, Chile Rubbed Strip, and Saratoga T Bone. 854 East High. Right on the corner of Euclid - High Street.
Charlie Brown's is shown here from the rear, where the Patio is located. The front entrance is shown below in the Rincon's photo. Charlie Brown's is an eccentric little place, more of a club than a restaurant. You walk into a completely dark lounge. There are no windows and no lights, just the faint glow from exit signs and the bar lamps. The area is furnished with long, large, overstuffed sofas and easy chairs. Walls are lined with books. There is no loud playing music and the sound of conversation is swallowed up by the darkness. It is a place couples can find a corner and disappear into. The Patio in good weather offers more light. The best appetizer is the Stuffed Jalapenos, but the Beer Cheese Plate is pretty good. The menu offers 14 sandwiches, four salads, four seafood entrees, six chicken entrees and a Pepperjack Philly Prime Rib. We like their Grilled Tuna Steak, Caribbean Jerked Chicken, and BBQ Chicken, but several friends swear by the Reuben. Sandwiches come with salad or soup or cole slaw. Entrees come with two of them. 816 Euclid, middle of the block by the light.
Billy's is the Chevy Chase Barbeque restaurant. It is most certainly a Git Down Good Ole Boy place, but is the oldest and best BBQ outlet in town. The appetizers include Marty McMahon Dillckles, actually Deep Fried Dill Pickles in horseradish sauce, and Catfish Strips in lemon. You HAVE TO order at least a cup, if not a bowl, of the Kentucky Burgoo, which since Brookings closed is the best in town except for what they serve at Keeneland when the track's in session. The authentic Burt Douglass Mexican Corn Bread includes cheddar cheese, green peppers, pimentos, corn and jalapenos. Quite a few locals drop by and make a lunch out of the Fried Dills, Corn Bread, Burgoo, and a bottle of Blue Moon Ale. Then there's the barbeque. We're especially fond of the Mutton, but there's Pork, Beef, or Pulled Chicken. If you prefer ribs, they serve St. Louis style wet or dry ribs by the slab or half slab. For atheists, there's the Pork Tenderloin deep fried and smothered in gravy, or the Catfish Platter. Billy's offers nine sides, but the only two you need are Blackeyed Peas and Cheese Grits With Garlic. For beverages, there's Ale 8 and local Ho-Made Lemonade. It just don't get no better than this. 101 Cochran Road, on the corner of Tates Creek one block South of the main Euclid - Tates Creek light.
Oasis was the first Middle Eastern restaurant in town. The eleven appetizers are all delicious, but on a first visit, you must order the Oasis Dip. This is baked egg plant pureed with onions, tomatoes, peppers, mint, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil. We've been there numerous times and ordered the Soup of the Day each time. They were all good. There are 20 entrees, but we highly recommend the Oasis Platter, which is a sampler of all of them. For $22 it is a complete meal for two adults and two children. If you only have two adults, you'll have enough left over for another meal at home tomrrow. This platter includes three skewers of various items, a chicken and beef shawarma, two falefels, two kibbles, plus grape leaves, hummus, and rice. The Shawarma is meat soaked in a tart marinade, cooked vertically on a rotisserie and then shaved very thin. The blend of tastes on this platter is wonderful. However the Oasis Dish serves up tender chunks of meat cooked in tomato sauce with eggplant, chickpeas, celery, peppers, onions and spices. Chevy Chase Place. From the Euclid - High traffic light, go South half a block on High and turn right into Chevy Chase Plaza. Oasis is on your right.
Puccini's is a full scale sitdown restaurant which also offers carry out pizza (no delivery). Especially in the Chevy Chase area, it's loved for its pizza. But it also offers the best Calzones in town, excellent bowls of Minestrone and Pasta Fagole, nine chicken dinners (Marsala, Parmesan, Venezia, Torino, Romana, Alfredo, Piccatta, Pesto and of course Cacciatore), six vegetarian dinners, three shrimp dinners, a full complement of Italian salads, and competitive versions of Ravioli, Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Fettuccini Alfredo. The Pizza choices far surpass anything available at a basic carryout franchise. Appetizers, sandwiches and desserts complete the food, beers can be had bottled or draft, and a wine list is available. Chevy Chase Place on High Street. 269-0404. From the Euclid - High Street traffic light, go half a block South on High and turn into the Chevy Chase Plaza shopping strip. Puccini's is on your right.
Rincon Mexicano is the second oldest family run Mexican restaurant in town, having opened in 1991. It's a hangout for UK students and faculty even though they only have 16 tables and a bar big enough for six people. They revised their menu recently, keeping all the traditional items but adding several new ones. Ask about the Seviche Appetizer. When available, it's great : chopped shrimp in lime juice, spices, tomato, onion, peppers, and avocado, with a portion large enough for three. Rincon's offers seven kinds of Quesadillas and five kinds of soup. The Carnitas are very large pork slices. It's good and there's plenty. The Taquitos Mexicano are filled with spiced meat and fried until they're very flaky. Rincon plays hide and seek with its Chile Rellenos. On the menu as a side is a single Relleno. If you ask, however, you can get the usual two as a main course, and they are well worth the effort. Rincon's Fajitas are among the best in Lexington. Service here may be the fastest in Lexington. 818 Euclid Avenue. From the Euclid - High Street traffic light, it's just the second building down.
When we rent an airboat and explore the Atchafalaya Swamp, we'll stop at a combination General Store/ Post Office/ Bar / Restaurant. You come to one every couple of hours, sitting on stilts out over the water, with stairs leading up from the boat dock. They have rough wooden floors and a random collection of tables and chairs. This is what Bourbon & Toulouse replicates in Chevy Chase. What you get is Pure Cajun Authenticity. This is serious Gumbo (chicken, smoked sausage, shrimp and vegetables), Jambalaya (rice, smoked sausage, chicken, peppers, onions, and celery), and Chicken Creole (tomato sauce, chicken, green and black peppers all in a white wine roux). Of the various specials, we always order the Crawfish Etouffe (crawfish tail meat, cream, cheddar cheese, chili and cumin). But the vegetarians in your group should love the Vegetarian Etouffe (spinach, sliced mushrooms, cheddar cheese, chili, cumin, and whatever vegetables are in season). Other popular Cajun entrees are Black Beans & Sausage (in a vegetable broth and dry sherry), Chicken Piquant (tomato sauce, chicken, onions, peppers, celery and lemon), Chicken Etouffe, White Chile and Creamed Artichokes & Mushrooms. The Sweet Tea and Lemonade are very good, and save room for Bread Pudding.
Tomo. Located where East High Street turns into Tates Creek as it rounds the bend in Chevy Chase. Deceptive front entrance looks like small storefront restaurant but opens out into a futuristic wood and mirror interior, remodelled in 2007, very upscale and classy. This is not one of those Japanese restaurants where the cook sets up in front of you at a Hibachi table and prepares your meal right there. They bring it to you from the kitchen or sushi bar. But they have excellent sushi and rolls. Each day Tomo offers 17 specials and six standards. Among the rotating specials, when the Grilled Squid, Braised Pike or Simmered Hot Radish Fish Cake are available, try them. From the six Sushi appetizers, we like the Mackerel, Flounder and Sea Cucumber. The regular appetizers have some unique items : Shrimp Dumplings, Asparagus Beef Maki, and Green Mussels. There are seven soups, of which our favorites are the Miso and Red Miso. From eight salads, we like the Octopus Vegetable, Tomo Special (Greens, Crab, Avocado, Masago, Cucumber and Shrimp), and Sunomono Moriawase (Seafood, Cucumber, Seaweed). Tomo offers 12 dinners. We like the Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Saba Mackerel, and Asparagus Beef Maki. If you're in the mood for steak, Tomo lists three. The Yakiniki is a rib eye with onion and yakiniki sauce. We've been there on various occasions with different friends who have tried this and they've all raved about it. But there's a Bite Sized Steak and a Tofu Steak which also look tempting. There are also pork and shrimp entrees. If you're really in an adventurous mood, try the Beef Tongue, Barbecued Eel, Tofu Duck, or Monk fish Liver. This is one of those restaurants where the dessert menu is as interesting as the regular menu. Ice Cream comes in green tea, red bean and ginger. There's Tucker's Mom's Cheese Cake, and Golddigger Carrot Cake. We can get cheesecake and carrot cake elsewhere, but this is the only place we know of to get those three ice cream flavors, and we really love the ginger. 848 East High. 269-9291. There is one parking lot behind the restaurant and another opening off South Ashland one block back with a walkway through.
Le Mastin is a gourmet lunch stop. They offer a limited menu and do it very, very well. Always order a cup of their soup of the day. It's at least good and often memorable. Their Bistro Salad has its own cult, who drop by just for it. The Bistro contains mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, feta cheese, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and croutons. However, we prefer the Black & Blue, a large bistro salad with blue cheese, topped with pan seared beef tenderloin. We also like their Quiche of The Day, which changes flavors but is always good. Among their sandwiches, we've been impressed with Turkey Cranberry, Jambon (lean baked French ham, pesto, cheese, lettuce and tomato), and Soppressata (gourmet salami, pesto, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, lettuce and tomato). Their Roma (pesto, tomato, havarti cheese, blue cheese), Parma (prosciutto, pesto, havarti cheese, blue cheese) and Parisian (French ham, cheese) Panini with a salad and soup, can be a meal in itself. Their Zuni Bakery has great breads. Tates Creek. Half a block south of the Euclid light.
Ramsey's keeps its menu simple: 13 entrees, seven salads, a soup of the day, 21 vegetables and 15 sandwiches. If you've been hankering for good Chicken N Dumplings, this is it. You want to order the Soup of the Day when it's Chicken & Rice, Corn Chowder or Cheese. Among veggies, go for Honey Mustard Carrots, Fried Green Tomatoes, Yellow Squash and Onions, Apple Fritters, Creamed Corn and Mashed Potatoes & Gravy. Kids like their Macaroni & Cheese. In true Blue Grass Tradition, you can get Classic Hot Brown, Veggie Hot Brown or an Open Face Pot Roast Sandwich. If you like Chicken Livers, these are some of the best you've ever had. The Meat Loaf is outstanding. We like their Catfish (fixed as you'd like), Skillet Fried Pork Sirloin, and Pot Roast. Pork Chops in Ramsey's Red Sauce are memorable. One Grandma never fixed is Lemon Yogurt Chicken. For lunch, order Traditional Reuben, Zucchiniburger, or Meatloaf Sandwich. The pies are incredible. There are 13 flavors, all served hot. They range from Peanut Butter to Butterscotch to Black Bottom and Black Cherry. 219 Woodland. Just walk west on High Street past Woodland Park.
Suggins is a neighborhood hangout for the Romany Road - Cooper Drive - Chenoa crowd. They hit most of the traditional stops : Hot Open Faced Turkey Sandwich, Hot Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich, Macaroni and Cheese, Hot Brown, Chicken Livers in White Gravy, Golden Brown Catfish, and Barbequed Chicken. The soup of the day is always good. There are six salads, four chicken sandwiches, a Catfish sandwich, Grilled Turkey Sandwich, French Dip and various other burgers and entrees. Suggins features unlimited refills and soft drinks. One of their biggest draws, however, is their Chile. Since Brookings closed, Suggins claims to have the best Chile in Lexington. They mix in cheddar cheese, chopped onions and jalapenos and supply tortilla chips for dipping. On a cold winter day, a bowl of this chile makes for a fine lunch. Walking from Chevy Chase, go South on High / Tates Creek to the Cassidy-Morton school campus, turn left on Providence, and turn right on Romany Road. Suggins is on the left at the top of the rise. It's a pleasant walk through a fine old neighborhood.

The Tulip is Chevy Chase's newest restaurant, opening in April 2010 in the site of the former Roots, on Romany Road across from the Kroger's. It is a dinner only very upscale bistro with a French influence. Appetizers include Blue Potato Croquettes, Escargot, Charcuterie Cheese Board, Frog Legs, Oysters, and Pomme Frites. The Soup du Jour is good, but we prefer the regular She Crab Soup. Salads include Grilled Shrimp, Warm Goat Cheese and standard House and Caesar. There are six entrees : Pan Seared Duck (with green onion risotto, grilled asparagus, sauce and pomegrantate coulis) , Fish of the Week, Scallops & Linguine (cream sauce, pancetta lardons, cherry tomatos, fresh herbs, shaved fennel and micro greens), Chicken Roulade (with prosciutto, mushroom chevre, Yukon whipped potatoes, hericot verts and marsala demiglace), Pork Tenderloin Medallions and New York Strip, a 12 ouncer served with truffle fries. A sandwich menu includes a classic French Open Faced Sandwich, the Tulip Burger (half pound with prosciutto, gouda, basi, aioli, lettuce, onion and tomato on a Kaiser roll), Oyster Poor Boy Fish n Chips (beer battered haddock), and Portobello Burger (fried eggplant, grilled mushrooms, red onion, tomato, goat cheese on cibiatta). There's patio dining seven months a year.

Furlong's is a great seafood restaurant masquerading as a friendly neighborhood hangout. It shows a strong Louisiana influence. Among appetizers, we like their Bite Sized Catfish, Grilled Andouille, and Fried Crawfish Tails. There are creative salads like Crawfish Caesar. Furlong's offers four soups, all delicious : Crab Com Bisque, Red Beans and Rice, Jambalaya, and Seafood Gumbo. Their house specials are superb: Crawfish Etouffee, Crabmeat Augratin, and Broiled Seafood Platter. Entrees include 24 seafood items. The Froglegs (sauteed or blackened) and Grilled Amberjack are the best. There are five pasta entries, the best of which is the Crawfish Pasta. However, the best item on the set menu may very well be the Catfish Stuffed With Shrimp & Crabmeat. With each meal you get a baked potato, Furlong Salad, and two of 10 side items, the best of which are usually the green beans, zucchini and corn pudding. This latter is misnamed. It's really creamed corn. But it's still delicious. Save room for Homemade Bread Pudding, one of the best desserts in town. 735 East Main. From downtown, drive East on Vine, then Main, and look left at the Ashland Avenue light.

The Dish replaces Le Bistro on South Ashland. It's a three room restaurant, with a bar in the middle and eight tables in each wing. Many items are quite creative in the New South style. Appetizers include Corn Bread Jalapeno Crab Cakes, Chicken & Race Stuffed Chile Rellenos, and Thai Curry Scallops. The Soup of the Day is always worth ordering, and there are five salads, of which we especially like the Surf & Citrus (mixed greens, fresh grapefruit wedges, grilled shrimp, pistachio and mint). The menu offers eight entrees. We favor three. Fire & Ice is pepper rubbed tuna with noodles, soy sauce, Daikon relish and wasabi - cucumber sherbert. The Peach Brandy Pork Chop is grilled in a peach brandy sauce and topped with fresh peach slices. Our favorite is their Halibut pan seared over ravioli filled with asparagus, ricotta and pine nuts in mushroom broth. The others are Steak & Potatoes, two Pastas, BBQ Salmon, and Citrus Herb Chicken. Desserts vary daily. There's a front patio facing the Euclid - Ashland intersection.
Josie's began as a carryout service, but is now a "diner" style breakfast and lunch operation. You can sit at an old horseshoe bar, in booths, or at old dining room tables. As purely a lunch stop, it may be the best in town. The classic combo is the Quiche of the Day served with either a cup of the Soup of the Day or a Classic Salad. The quiches and soups are great every day no matter what the flavor. The Josie's Whitefish Sandwich is either the best in town or a strong rival to Charlie's for that honor. If you're into burgers, you'll love either the Smoke House Burger (bacon, smoked cheddar, Makers Mark BBQ sauce and toasted onions) or the Spicy Burger (pepper jack cheese, fried jalapenos and Southwest ancho mayo). One of their popular items with locals is the Zesty Chicken Sandwich (grilled chicken breast topped with banana pepper rings and spicy pepper jack with lettuce and tomato). There's a Reuben, Hot Corn Beef and six kinds of Salads. In all there are 14 sandwiches, plus Grouper Fingers and Quesadillas. Chevy Chase Place, last business on the right rear, just before the Drug Store.
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