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Nicholasville Road



UK Campus Southland Zandale Fayette Mall
Of all the arteries and neighborhoods in Lexington, Nicholasville Road is best for restaurants. It has the most total restaurants, most variety, most locally owned, and most high end restaurants. Nicholasville Road begins at the main entrance to the UK campus where Upper and South Limestone merge, forming the west side of campus for a mile. It then continues for five miles to the county line and another 10 miles to Nicholasville. We've grouped them into four areas : the UK Campus, Southland Drive Area, Zandale Shopping Center Area, and the Fayette Mall Area. Nicholasville Road is the most congested road in Central Kentucky, but is especially bad during morning and evening rush hours and during holiday shopping seasons. Always allow more time than would seem reasonable. Because of nearby prime shopping, university dorms, and three major medical complexes, these restaurants are usually filled and waits of 30 minutes to an hour are common. Calling ahead for reservations is prudent, and eating from 5-7 pm is smart. But we still highly recommend these places. They are worth the trouble. Geese
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