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The Summit is Lexington's newest, very upscale, state of the art commercial center. Its planners see it as the 21st Century version of the old shopping mall. The Summit is designed like a city downtown, with streets, blocks, and a mix of restaurants, stores, apartments, and even a bakery, grocery, fitness center and playground. It has murals, trees, lawns, fountains, chairs and benches.

This complex occupies the old Fritz Farm at the intersection of Man of War Boulevard and Nicholasville Road.

As we write this The Summit is not even entirely open. The restaurants we list here are serving, but many of the retail outlets are still being furnished. Honeywood, J. Alexander's, Ted's Montana Grill and Texas de Brazille are clearly seen as the culinary anchors of this new center.

The Summit is the priciest area in Kentucky. After the first wave of curious shoppers explore the stores and eat a few meals, whether they'll be willing to consistently pay the higher prices remains to be answered. It may be a development better suited to the roaring 1990s. But it's worth visiting just for the architecture and design. And there are several very good restaurants here.

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