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At heart, Bowling Green is Steak & Potatoes Country, so it's not surprising it has five very good steak houses, plus those that serve steak in addition to other entrees. You can get steak fixed every way imaginable and with every possible side. The national trend toward healthier steaks has reached Bowling Green, so you can get it leaner, cholesterol reduced and salt free. You can get steak from feedlot fattened cattle, from corn fattened cattle, broome grass fed from the high country of Texas or Wyoming, or bluegrass fed from right here in Kentucky.
Do not let the modest storefront mislead you. Albany's is a very good, reasonably priced steak house. It has a full menu and the quality is excellent. Among the eight appetizers, we like the Corn Nuggets (sweet cream corn filled nuggets deep fried), Broccoli Nuggets (broccoli and cheese filled nuggets deep fried), and Crab Egg Rolls (egg rolls stuffed with crab meat, cream cheese, and diced onions). There are four salads, a bowl of chili and a soup of the day. There are entrees of Chicken, Pasta, Lasagna, BBQ Ribs, Sword Fish and Salmon, but on that page we like their Catfish. Obviously, however, their house specialty is their steak menu. Prices range from $12-14. They include Prime Rib, New York, Sirloin, T Bone, Ribeye, Teriyaki, and Albany. These are corn fed, feedlot steaks but they are well prepared and artfully served. There is an extensive burger and sandwich menu of 12 choices. For dessert you can choose from a Chocolate Chip Brownie, Apple Pie and Cheesecake.
Logan's is a classic Texas roadhouse, featuring flame grilled steaks with other menu items for wives and children. Logan's revels in a redneck male atmosphere, so good old boys can get back to their roots here. The steaks are USDA but are midwest corn fed, rather than high country grass fed or feedlot chemical fed. The house specialty is an 8 oz. sirloin laid atop a bed of Michelob braised onions and brushed with garlic butter. Then there's a straight 6 or 8 oz. sirloin, 8 oz. teriyaki club steak, 12 oz. New york Strip, 6 or 8 oz. Filet Mignon, 12 or 16 oz. Ribeye, 16 oz. T bone, 20 oz. Porterhouse, and 12 or 16 oz. Prime Rib.
Longhorn tries to set itself apart from the other dozen steakhouses with its cattle driving theme. The decor emphasizes lots of branding irons, campfires, saddles and so on. It does create an atmosphere fun to visit. They customize their menus, with the one here unique to Bowling Green. Sacriligious as it may be in a Texas steakhouse, we like their Shrimp Lobster Chowder (creamy corn chowder simmered with shrimp, lobster, potatoes and red bell peppers). There are the mandatory four salads (who in the steak restaurant world decreed that everyone would offer exactly four salads?). And some of their sides are unique : Brandied Cinammon Apples, Jalapeno Cole Slaw, and Sweet Potato With Cinammon & Butter. But you come for the steaks, and they've got a good selection. We think their Crab Stuffed Filet (7 oz. cut stuffed with jumbo lump crabmeat, topped with spinach and creamy herb-cheese sauce) is one of the best steak dishes offered in this city, but we forewarn you : this is a very rich and filling combo and you may have trouble waddling out to your car later. From Flo's Filet (their entry level steak, a 7 ozer.) to the 22 oz. Longhorn Porterhouse, they do a good job of seasoning and either slow roasting or fire grilling all their steaks. Just in case you have room left for dessert, which is unlikely, we recommend the Key Lime Pie over their Cheesecakes and Chocolate Stampede.
Outback has a varied menu so it's hard to categorize, but at heart it's a steakhouse. A Bloomin Onion is a must. They're cooked until golden, then served with dipping sauce. Several of the Soups of the Day are really unique. But the steaks are the show. They include a Slow Roasted Sirloin, 12 oz. center cut Outback Special, 9 oz. Victoria Center Cut Filet, 8, 12 or 16 oz. Prime Rib, 14 oz. Ribeye, 12 oz. New york Strip, 20 oz. Melbourne Porterhouse, and Filet Medallions. Then there are Salmon, Crab Cakes, Rack of Lamb, Grilled Pork Chops, Lobster Tails, Alaskan King Crab, Baby Back Ribs, various burgers, and an obscene dessert called the Sydney Sunday.
The Montana Grille (not to be confused with Ted's Montana Grill, this was created by John Morrison in Bowling Green first, which is why Ted had to add his name to his) boasts a beautiful building, and serves up a fine Buffalo Burger. The lunch menu (11-2 M-F) also features the Betty Lou Burger, Billy Bob Burger, Jalapeno Burger and Memphis BBQ. However, it's at dinner where Montana Grille shines. Of the Appetizers, we like their Southwest Quesadilla (rotisseried chicken pieces mixed with cheeses in a spinach tortilla with jalapenos an option). Of their salads the Wyoming Chef's Bowl is a meal in itself with mixed greens, cheeses, tomatoes, ham, bacon, chicken and tortilla strips. They seriously underpromote their Lost River Trout (polenta crusted, pan fried in herb butter), one of the better fish entrees in town. But you're coming here for steaks, and they're outstanding, all hickory grilled. The Big Horn is huge, the Kentucky basted in a bourbon glaze, the Ribeye an 18 oz. cut topped with bleu cheese. Just a caution --- the kitchen tends to be too conservative in cooking the steaks. Emphasize to the waiter exactly what you mean by rare, medium or well done. This is a greatly under rated restaurant.
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