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31WSouth, also known as Old Nashville Road, is Bowling Green's newest commercial development area. In fact, that development is already extensive around the Campbell Lane intersection. Real Estate agents are eyeing the stretch from the city limit to the county line, as 31W heads south toward Franklin. The opening of South Warren High School will only add to this development. Most residential growth in Warren County over the next decade will come in the Southern sector, and they'll need restaurants and shopping. There are those, however, who view this development with some sadness, since 31WSouth is the last major stretch of dairy farms and tobacco fields. There is still plenty of farming being done in Warren County, but it is back on lesser used roads where the general public doesn't see it.

Cheddar's grabbed the most prestigious location on 31WSouth when they built at the intersection with Campbell Lane. This is a particularly large and impressive facility, to go along with Cheddar's contemporary menu. The 1979 Texas chain builds its interiors with lots of stone and timber. But it's still the food you go for. Of their appetizers we like the Spinach Dip and accompanying tortilla chips. We always order a cup of the Baked Potato Soup (with celery, onions, spices, cheddar and bacon), but the Chicken Tortilla Soup is very good with just the right amount of spicy. They offer the usual list of sandwiches, but we think their best is their Monte Cristo (smoked turkey and ham, plus several kinds of cheeses). Of the entrees, their most popular nationally for 20 years have been the Lemon Pepper Chicken, Hickory Smoked Baby Back Ribs and Chicken Pot Pie. However, locals order a lot of the Catfish, Salmon, Tilapia and Shrimp. New in 2010 is Shepherd's Pie, and it may now be their best entree. Cheddar's makes a very good Burger and the accompanying Fries are excellent. Their Chicken Fajita Casadillas are competitive with good Mexican restaurants. Among desserts, Cheddar's offers the biggest, richest Cookie in town and a Hot Fudge Cake Sundae that you'll need a week in the gym to work off.
Mancino's is a national chain specializing in "Grinders." A Grinder traces back to World War I, when Italian immigrants set up sandwich shops near the U.S. Naval shipyards. In these shops they would place huge amounts of high quality meats and cheeses in a cast iron food grinder, turn the crank, and produce a mix which they then spread on large freshly baked Italian rolls, further bake in brick ovens, and garnish with fresh tomato and lettuce. These large hot lunchtime or work break sandwiches became very popular with the shipworkers, who came to refer to them as "Grinders." After the war, sandwich makers drifted off to urban neighborhoods across the Northeast, where Grinders became a fad long before burgers, pizza and other fast food came into existence. Mancino's offers three sizes of Grinders ($5 third, $6 half and $9 full sized) in 17 classic and 13 contemporary ("gourmet") flavors. The Original Grinder includes ham, sausage, salami, mushrooms, onions, peppers, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. Variations on this offer Turkey, Chicken, Crab, Fish, Stromboli, Meatloaf, BBQ and Tuna in differing combinations. Gourmet versions include Southwest, Reuben, Chicago Steak, Ranch and Cordon Bleu. You might consider Mancino's as Hot Sub specialists. These are good.
Linzie's is a locally owned sandwich shop with three locations. This one is just South of the Campbell Lane intersection. The menu includes salads, soups, chips and desserts but the sandwiches are the stars. Owners Gary and Debbie Wilson obviously have the lunchtime crowd in mind, but if you weren't too hungry a Soup, Salad, Sandwich, hand dipped Milkshake and Dessert combo could be dinner. During the noon hour Linzie's gets crowded so if possible come before noon or after 1. You might consider Linzie's an upscale version of Subway. They offer 48 baked sandwiches, with traditional favorites like BLT, French Dip, Roast Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Ham; ethnic versions like Grinders, Meatball, Muffaletta (Salami), and Pizza; and creative offerings like Monte Christo (Turkey & Jam), Tomato Avocado, Black Bean and Crab Melt. We were pretty impressed with the Hawaiin, Shrimp, Cuban and Pastrami. Every sandwich costs $5. This is a bit higher than you'll pay elsewhere, but the sandwiches are enough better that you get your money's worth. At first glance, they appear a little small, given our lifetime conditioning of Quarter Pounders With Cheese and Whoppers. But these are filled with all natural ingredients carefully prepared and you definitely won't leave hungry. Oh, and Linzie? She's the daughter, now 14. She works here along with her two brothers.
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